Wonderland English Classes



At Wonderland English Madrid, we help students realize their fullest potential. We create unique opportunities for students to use English in exciting and challenging situations while being exposed to new ideas and experiences that will open their minds and prepare them for the future.

When your children go to university they will be evaluated for their ability to think critically, work on projects, and participate in debates rather than solely taking exams. But for many, the primary and secondary school education system is not currently teaching those keys skills and concepts. As experienced educators in this sector, using our unique methodology, we bridge that gap.

Each trimester has a theme – a country, a culture, or a continent. Each class within the trimester incorporates activities surrounding journalism, entrepreneurship, debates, videography, food creation/tasting, dance or imaginative game playing.

The teacher uses these themes to lead the class on an expedition around the world – actively incorporating key vocabulary, useful phrases, and thought provoking questions to ensure that we leave your children with a stronger ability and the desire to express themselves in English. Students will then use information learned in each class to assist them with creating end of term projects that highlights their new skills and competencies in English.

Our teachers are highly qualified native English speakers, who engage with students solely in English. We offer small class sizes in safe facilities that are equipped with everything necessary to make a child feel creative and comfortable to be themselves. By the end of the full course, your children will sound more accent neutral, be able to express themselves with more confidence, and have an overall higher level of English fluidity, making them ideal candidates for international academic endeavors!