Wonderland English

We are more than CAMP.

We are more than an English Language Course.

We are experts in making learning English fun, effective and applicable (relevant).


Wonderland English Madrid is an English language enrichment program, powered by Let’s Go ¡Ánimo!. Our unique project-based learning approach employs direct method teaching and allows students to become inquisitive adventurers while exploring the English language through activities surrounding Culture, Art, Movement, and Play.

We understand that most children have a solid foundation of English grammar at school. Unfortunately, giving presentations, attending university or acing a job interview in English also require having the ability to think critically while speaking with confidence and fluidity – skills that are often left far underdeveloped in the traditional classroom setting.

Wonderland English Kids offers dynamic English language enrichment courses to children ages 4 – 17.

• Pioneers 4-6 years
• Globetrotters 7-12 years
• Trailblazers 12-17 years


How We're Different

At Wonderland English Madrid, we complement your children’s English classes at school to make them well rounded English speakers. We help students acquire English effortlessly by creating hands-on workshops which explore interesting and practical topics designed specifically for their age group. We also use fun activities, interactive games, and constant praise to encourage children’s participation while also building their confidence when speaking.

With us, your children are free to be exceptional and soar! We seek to promote individual thinking and self-expression, as opposed to teaching students how to memorize and regurgitate information.