The Ánimo-tivational Lifestyle


Pivotal Point Getaways

Pivotal Point Getaways are 3 month holistic residential programs for adults of any age who need a break from their current life to conceive of, create, and/or transition into the life, lifestyle, and/or career they desire to be experiencing.  Our personal development and transitional programs are designed for people who have the audacity to be disciplined and move beyond their fears, limiting beliefs and counter-productive habits to become a free-spirited Captain of their destiny, aka Pivoters. 

Wonderland English Madrid

We are more than CAMP.
We are more than an English language course.
We are experts in making learning English fun, effective and relevant.



Feria de Córdoba:  Annual Meetup

Let's Go Ánimo's annual meetup to La Feria de Córdoba every May includes a unique opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the wonders and excitement of Spanish culture.  Let's Go Ánimo will thoroughly teach and prepare you to dance, dress, and drink like a native, so that you can ¨live la vida local¨ and feel at home at one of the most FUN, traditional and world-renown festivals in Andalucía, Spain.

Learn to Dance Sevillanas

Let's Go Ánimo's Sevillanas dance courses are specially designed to teach the average person how to dance Sevillanas and make it their own!  Welcomed are the people with 2 left feet, no rhythm, and lack of coordination, as much as the seasoned dancer who is interested in learning this fun tradition and building community.



The Playground Fest

The Playground Fest is a unique day-long fun-filled festival that celebrates health, happiness, and individuality.  This is an event for all ages, fitness levels and lifestyles.  The Playground Fest caters to everyone— those who already are living their best lives as well as those who are just starting to believe in their own power.