Pivotal Point Getaways


Dream it.  Believe it. Manifest it. (We'll help you!)

Pivotal Point Getaways are 3 month holistic personal development and transitional program for adults of any age who need a break from their current life to conceive of, create, and/or transition into the life, lifestyle, and/or career they desire to be living. This program is for people who have the audacity to be disciplined enough to become a free-spirited Captain of their destiney, aka Pivoters.


Our team of experts have designed the ultimate itinerary to include the optimal blend of activities to achieve the clarity you’ll need to make real life and lifestyle changes. Pivoters will go through the program in an intimate group atmosphere. Each person will have on their own unique assignments but all attendees will be on similar timelines and have the same focus and end-goal, to pivot into living the life of their dreams.


Activities and resources include:

  • one-on-one life coaching
  • professional development
  • theraputic support
  • stress management
  • business planning
  • team building
  • goal setting
  • interactive group workshops
  • skill development
  • fun cultural excursions
  • family style dinners
  • access to wifi
  • access to gym
  • access to coworking spaces
  • full kitchen
  • onsite resident aid
  • secured residence